About us


Duijndam Works is the work agency that has been operating in Poland since 2003. Every day, we successfully match a lot of employees and employers to each other. We specialise in the temporary and seasonal job agency in the Netherlands. We offer job in many sectors of the economy and we match our offers depending on your level of education and experience as well as personal predispositions.

In our company, effective communication plays a very important role and thanks to exchange of ideas and experiences as well as setting clear aims, we know what our candidates and principals expect from us. The way you have been, you can expect from us professional methods of action based on the personal approach. Our team consists of people speaking Polish, English, Dutch, and German. Our recruiters are professionals in their field, with wide knowledge on many sectors and areas of the economy.

A wide range of job offers, from managerial positions, through specialists, to lower rank functions in an organisation, distinguishes us. We cooperate with employers from many industries and sectors of the economy, including: administration, logistics, transport, construction, and gardening.


It has been 20 years since Karel Duijndam noticed the need to provide good and flexible human resources services among employers. His methods of action based on trust, commitment, and ability to set aims and to strive for achieving them led to appearance of first orders in a short time.

In 1997, at Kerklaan street in Wateringen, the first registered office of the company named Uitzendbureau Karel Duijndam (UKD) was opened.  Over time, the company grew and few branches in the Netherlands and two in Poland were opened. Together with the development, a change in the name of the company, for Duijndam International in Poland and for Duijndam Uitzendgroep in the Netherlands, occurred. Human resources policy is still an integral part of the company’s strategy. We put the satisfaction of our clients and candidates in the first place.


Our membership in different industry organisations and the relevant certificates gives people seeking work the objective picture of our company. We always try to provide our services at the highest level possible, reliably, and professionally.

As the first ones in Poland, we have received an entry in the National Register of Employment Agencies and we have the Certificate of the of the Minister of Economy, Labour and Social Policy no. 1.

Since 2004, we have been a member of the All Polish Convention of Labour Agencies, which shows that we comply with the highest ethical and professional standards in activities related to job agency.


Our mission is to match people to each other. Regardless of whether you are looking for a job or you want to enlarge your team with new employees, Duijndam always strives for proper connecting interests of both parties of the labour market.

Valuable and motivated employees are priceless for companies and organisations. Meeting the expectations of employees and employers is our aim, which we try to achieve constantly with great enthusiasm!

Regardless of the economic situation, Duijndam still develops. Thanks to this, more and more principals and people seeking work of various industries go to our agency. The aim of the company is to keep the development in the coming years.